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Choosing a criminal defense lawyer to represent you is by no means an easy task. An attorney with the right level of skill and experience to fully defend you in court is what you need. No matter the case or circumstance, if you are involved in a criminal case then you need competent and skilled legal representation, even if you believe that you are innocent. Several internet resources are available that are useful in determining if a particular criminal defense lawyer is a good fit for your case, including www.martindale.com or www.lawyers.com. However, it is advisable to contact a knowledgeable law firm directly and receive legal recourses specific to your particular situation.

Choose our team at Watford Jackson, PLLC. for the skilled representation that you need if you or a loved one has been accused of a crime in New York. Criminal charges can be life-altering. Understanding your rights and options at this time is vital. When you choose Watford Jackson, PLLC, we help you in reclaiming your life and freedom and bring back the happiness that has eluded your family and loved ones ever since the legal case you have found yourself in by virtue of inclement circumstances. People who have been behind bars know how it feels to be cut off from the rest of the world for a long period of time; and when freedom comes, it comes like a breath of fresh air. Don’t let the inevitable happen to you as you are not alone in your misery. Your family and loved ones are affected as well.

The New York criminal attorneys at Watford Jackson, PLLC. have the required skill and experience to take your case head-on, no matter how serious the offense is, and will certainly help bring closure. Attorneys Joey Jackson and Gregory J. Watford are members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and both of them are respected and well known criminal defense lawyers who routinely handle both State and Federal cases for all the boroughs of New York applying their combined experience in the criminal justice system to all their cases.

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