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...frank and informed information

Mr. Jackson, I occasionally see you providing commentary on CNN. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I appreciate your honest, frank and informed information on the issues that plague this country. It is refreshing to see a professional such as yourself present an unbiased opinion about matters that effect us all. Thank you!

Stand up and righteous

I saw you on HLN addressing the issue about the black lady that was killed by the officer in Texas. When the ex police officer tried to subliminally excuse the offices actions you you checked him in such an articulate way it was beautiful. I tip my hat to you briother for being stand up and righteous!

I see why you are a fantastic lawyer!!!

Good day Mr. Jackson, I have to congratulate you, Mr. Jackson, on your analysis on CNN...whenever you are on , you lay out the facts, you make it easy to understand and straight to the point...you are not afraid to tell it like it is...I follow from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and I am very impressed with your credentials, ability to make a long story very short and on top of this, very well dressed and professionnal...BRAVO ...it is great insight to listen to you on CNN....I see why you are a fantastic lawyer!!!

You saved my job.

Thank you Mr Jackson In 2005 when I was with Corrections you helped me overturn a suspension on a fraudulent charges against me by DOC even though I was a victim of a crime. I never got to Thank you. You saved my job I’m retired now. Thank you sir.

He won my case and I am so grateful

Attorney Gregory Watford is truly the best Attorney in town. If I could give 10 stars I would. He is Professional, caring, good listener, passionate about his work, always available etc. I hired him a few years ago to litigate; wrongful charges against me by my employer (The City of New York). He won my case and I am so grateful. The amount stress and humiliation was very hard but Attorney Watford is an excellent Attorney in litigation. I am truly grateful!

What a marvelous young man you are

I just wanted to say what a marvelous young man you are. Your parents did such a splendid job raising you. I am a 75 yr old woman (white, if that matters) who just loves watching you on CNN. I say this in a most respectful way.

You obviously know the law and I really like your commentary

I would like to congratulate you on your HLN legal opinions! I’m a retired dentist and have some time to watch the news and HLN has been a source during my day. Your very to the point legal responses are always non-political/straight and forward. You obviously know the law and I really like your commentary. Keep it rolling.

You're so knowledgeable and fair!

Hi Joey; I have been a fan of yours for a long time. You're so knowledgeable and fair! I enjoy hearing what you have to say. Please continue to be a consułtant for CNN and HLN. Thank you for your talented and gifted opinions. May God bless you!

Informative, easy to understand, & fair to both sides of every case

Always happy to see that Joey Jackson is featured on CNN. Just watching Ana Cabrera show & Joey is giving his input on the R Kelly case. He's always informative, easy to understand, & fair to both sides of every case. Love him!!

I might be your biggest fan!

Dear Mr. Jackson, You are one of the most brilliant people I have ever seen. I watch you on HLN and am so pleased that you are willing to give your opinion to us on legal cases. It is on my "bucket list" to meet you - might never happen because you are in New York and I live in a small city in central Texas, but I'm still hopeful! It is rare to find an incredibly successful person that is honest, personable and polite like you. I might be your biggest fan!

You are always a great voice for the "accused."

Mr. Jackson, Your comments on the dilemma of the students who were admitted on the basis of their parents' financial or otherwise influential input are much respected. You are always a great voice for the "accused." I just want to express my respect for your remarkable commentary on matters of this nature and otherwise.

I really admire him for his professionalism and objectivity

I've been watching Joey Jackson on HLN for a few years now and I really admire him for his professionalism and objectivity. The times we live in are scary, but he never gets carried away with it.

Always spot on

Mr. Jackson, your CNN contributions are always spot on; especially your comments about the college admissions scandal!

You are truly an inspiration

I simply admire how you conduct yourself, tailoring your language with every word to make certain that your integrity remains intact above all else. You are truly an inspiration for Men all over and even more so for all black men.

Immediately impressed

Mr. Jackson, I saw you on CNN last night and was immediately impressed. As a young black man, it’s always refreshing to see someone who looks like you thriving in a professional setting.

You give great advice

Mr. Jackson, I am a longtime viewer of Weekend Express. I am writing to let you know I love your contribution to this program. I see many legal eagles on TVover the years but none of them impress me as much as you.. You give great advice and have a presence that always leaves me wanting more. I suppose you get many pats on the back but I don't think you get many from an 89-year-old Canadian. Keep up the good work Joey, I don't think I will ever need a Lawyer but, if I do you will be my first call. Thank You.

Excellent colleague and mentor!

I endorse this lawyer. I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Jackson on several criminal matters and consider him one of my mentors. It is a pleasure to see him in the courtroom as he has an amazing ability to capture everyone in the room with his stellar legal arguments and natural charm. Mr. Jackson is a zealous advocate, a fierce opponent, and the best co-counsel you could ever have on a case.

Five stars aren’t enough

A rock star among lawyers. Everything he’s handled for me has worked out even better than I had hoped. You can’t do better than hiring Joey Jackson.

Among the best of the best...

I have known Joey for more than 20 years. He is one of the finest attorneys practicing today. His passion and hard work are evident every time he steps into the courtroom. His skills as a trial attorney, from opening statement to closing argument, put him on par with the best of the best.


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