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Gregory J. Watford Reviews

As Seen On AVVO

“Mr. Watford was an excellent lawyer. A couple of years ago, I was faced with a very serious charge that was fabricated by an ex. Mr. Watford not only got me off but my record was wiped clean of the incident. He was reliable, dependable and very knowledgeable.”

A Satisfied Client

“I met Mr. Watford in 2010. I was going through a tough time in my life. I made bad decisions that almost cost me my freedom. Jay helped me to get my life back on track. He guided me in the right direction and I am very grateful. He treated me like a human being. Most lawyers I have met left a bad impression on me. I highly recommend Mr. Watford.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Watford represented me in a misdemeanor case several years ago which came out very positive. I am grateful that he was there for me at a trying time in my life. I have known Mr. Watford for a number of years and I have always been impressed by his knowledge of various legal matters and personal involvement. I have also reached out to Mr. Watford for advice and referrals.”

Benjamin Q.

“Greg Watford is a colleague who I’ve personally come to rely on for advice on complex legal matters. On more than one occasion I have consulted with Greg to ascertain the most effective legal strategies as well as the laws that were pertinent to the matters that I was handling. When and if Greg did not know the answers off hand he was sure to research the issue, independent of me asking him to, and return with a viable answer or solution.”


“My path of meeting Mr. Watford was an unfortionate one, however, he was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Coming from a corrections background, I hired Mr. Watford because I knew he understood not only the inside of the court of law but the governing rules and regulations inside the corrections world as well. I highly recommend Mr. Watfor because he posses the traits that in my opinion all lawyers should possess, punctuality, professionalism, candid, nonjudgemental, understanding of actual outcomes, prepared, strong technical acumen.”


“I’m a United States Air Force veteran with my roots being attached to the Bronx. To make a long story short I just got out of the service when I came to N.Y. for a cousins party from Virginia. After the party I was with a female friend in my vehicle when NYPD approach my car while I was in my vehicle in City Island. I was asked if I had an I.D. and weapons in the car. Not knowing N.Y. was a state I could not have a firearm in let alone the 5 I had in the car locked in cases in my trunk from when my suicidal ex wife was threatening to kill herself in front of my son. I had to keep the firearms with me at all times. I did proceed to tell them I had firearms in the car and gave them my military reservist I.D. They then proceeded in removing me from the vehicle and arrested me for criminal possession of a weapon with 12 felony counts. They took my 2004 Acura TL and was going to assume a case to take my car from me all for doing the right thing. My bail was set at $100,000 and that’s when Mr. Gregory Jay Watford worked his magic. Due to his great relationship with a specific family member I was advised that he would be the man to help me through this riveting time. He went on to advise that it was best to fight the case from the outside and we did. He then went about interviewing military personnel, friends, and family that I knew. He then had Chris put together a biography of my life that would be the true story of who I was with my firearms being purchased legally which he made a strong case of with receipts to back it up from when I was stationed in Montana at Malmstrom Air Force Base. This included members that was stationed around the world they interviewed along with all my volunteer time I had done up to this time in my life. The D.A. wanted to give me 23 years and would not budge off this number but with Mr. Watfords persistence he was able to find a motion called, “A Clayton Motion”. This motion would take the automatic felony charge and mandatory time I had to face out of the District Attorney’s hand and into the Judges hands to make a decision upon based upon if I was a threat to society or not. God blessed me with Mr. Watford and Judge Barrett. Mr. Watford with his biography of my life and who I was and his noble knowledge to find the motion that would give me a chance to be a Father to my 5 yr. old son and my 1 month old daughter the judge seen it fit that giving me time would take away from society having a productive member and the judge seen it unfit for me to be a felon based upon what Mr. Watford proved to them. I ended up getting 1 charge and that was possession of a weapon which was down graded to a misdemeanor and 1 yr conditional release which would come off my record after a year. This incident happened in February 2008 and the case did not finish until October 2010. He not also got me off from those felonies he then got my car back in the civil suit from the City of New York Car Repossession Impound. Ironically my son is now 12 yrs old and he wants that car now which I still have. When this case begin I had an Associates Degree in Mechanical Electrical Technology. From this mans hardwork I have been able to accomplish getting my Bachelors of Scince in Mechanical Engineering. Then I proceeded to get my Graduate certificate from Old Dominion University and I’m about to graduate with my Masters in Engineering Management. I’m a federal employee with the United States Coast Guard and recently bought a $300,000 and I thank Gregory Watford every moment I can for the life he has help to get me too. Please trust and believe me when I tell you I’m not giving just a review I’m giving a testimonial on my friend and family because he is not just my attorney any more. I love you Jay and I will always be here for you. Much Respect.”


“I met Attorney Gregory Watford 23 years ago I was faced with a serious charge. Mr. Watford did win my case. During my case Mr. Watford was honest, and always professional at all times, kept me posted and always available to me when I wasn’t sure of my case. Mr. Watford was so awesome today I call him my friend . I have referred so many of my colleagues to him they all were not just satisfied they love him. Recently I called him on a high profile case he was on vacation and he still helped through via phone . Mr Gregory Watford is the best attorney! I highly recommend him he has a beautiful professional relationship with the court system. Mr Gregory Watford is humble and know his craft well!”


“In 2007 I had a bad break up with a very vindictive and volatile woman. The last year or so of the relationship was a living hell. The following year she accuse me of threatening her. She went to the police with this lie and got me arrested. Now usually men do not stand a chance of winning these, he said she said cases, when it comes to domestic violence. I went to Mr. Watford and he took on my case. From the very beginning he requested the phone records. Once he received the phone records he saw a immediately there were holes in the woman’s story. There was no phone call placed at the time she claimed I called her. He immediately contacted the ADA and requested she checked the phone records. 5 months later still in the preliminary stage the Bronx ADA finally looked at the phone records, this causing her to question the plaintiff. After questioning the plaintiff she finally admitted that this was a lie. The judge dismissed the case cleared my name. It was suggested to me that I bring her up on charges and she would be prosecuted, and so I did. But in order to do that I had to get her arrested. Now this was difficult to do because no police officer in the precinct I went to would do this. Mr. Watford Helped my mother and I draft a letter to the police commissioner, the Bronx district attorney, and various other figures who would help in this situation. Once the letters were sent out we received a phone call from the ADA sending me to the domestic violence unit to file a report so the young lady could be arrested. She was arrested and eventually we went before a grand jury and she was brought up on felony charges. After the trial she was convicted on five counts. I was given a 5-year permanent order of protection and my name was absolutely cleared and exonerated. I could not have done this with Mr. Watford’s help, professionalism, and experience. From start to finish he handled himself with the confidence that I expect any attorney to handle themselves in the courtroom and dealing with his client. I have given his number to countless friends, acquaintances, and business associates. All have used him and has had great success with his representation. I would love to say thank you to Mr. Watford for being the great Attorney that he is.”


Joey Jackson Esq. Reviews

As Seen On Facebook

“I have practiced criminal law for 30 years as an assistant prosecutor, head NJ County Prosecutor, and now, criminal defense attorney. I am 1 of only 250 lawyers out of 96,000 attorneys in New Jersey that is a Supreme Court Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. It is with this extensive background that I offer this recommendation.

I first met Joey Jackson, Esq. in my capacity as a TV legal commentator. I immediately liked and respected Mr. Jackson. I have often stated publicly that Mr. Jackson is the “real deal” when it comes to excellence as a trial attorney. He knows the law, is eloquent, smart, a nimble thinker, quick witted, effective, and not surprisingly, very well respected in the legal community. Mr. Jackson has a unique and adept way of communicating and convincing people of the validity of his legal position(s), in a calm and exceedingly professional way. He also uniquely makes people he encounters feel important, respected, and valued– even those he disagrees with. This is indeed a very rare gift he possesses.

I know without question that Mr. Jackson is extremely committed and passionate about the clients he represents and that he drives positive outcomes in complex cases. In all, I greatly admire Mr. Jackson as an attorney and a person. Perhaps the greatest compliment one can give to another is the attempt to imitate them. I often try to emulate Mr. Jackson’s style as an attorney and as a person I admire, which I can say for less than a handful of people I have known over my career and lifetime. He is that exceptional, rare, and unique a lawyer and person!

It is my genuine honor and privilege to write this recommendation on behalf of a superb attorney, and great friend. Any person utilizing his services has made a very wise (and life-defining) choice!”

Bob B.

“Joey is an excellent attorney and a wonderful human being. He and I have worked together on numerous cases and it has always been a pleasure. He is an excellent trial attorney with an outstanding presence in the courtroom. He has a tremendous ability to connect with jurors and hold their attention. His work ethic is among the best and it is an honor for me to work beside him. When clients hire Joey, they are without a doubt, in great hands.”

Renee H.

“Joey is a phenomenal person and equally wonderful attorney. I’ve known him personally and professionally for over a decade and I recommend his services passionately and without reservation.”

Mark E.

As Seen On Google

“Joey is a talented, zealous, and experienced criminal attorney. He possesses the intellect, know-how and passion required to secure the best results for his clients. I’ve known Joey personally and professionally for approximately a decade and I can say, without reservation, that he is one of the best lawyers in his field. I highly recommend him!”

Mark E.

“Five stars aren’t enough for Joey Jackson. Exceptional trial lawyer. He cares about his clients and wins battles other lawyers can’t. Joey is talented, If you need a lawyer for a criminal case, hire Joey!”

Janet J.

Miguelina C.

As Seen On AVVO

“I have known Joey for more than 20 years. He is one of the finest attorneys practicing today. His passion and hard work is evident every time he steps into the courtroom. His skills as a trial attorney, from opening statement to closing argument, put him on par with the best of the best.”

William M.

“A rock star among lawyers. Everything he’s handled for me has worked out even better than I had hoped. You can’t do better than hiring Joey Jackson.”


“I endorse this lawyer. I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Jackson on several criminal matters and consider him one of my mentors. It is a pleasure to see him in the courtroom as he has an amazing ability to capture everyone in the room with his stellar legal arguments and natural charm. Mr. Jackson is a zealous advocate, a fierce opponent, and the best co-counsel you could ever have on a case.”


“I love love love Joey Jackson. This man knows his legal stuff to me. I hardly ever take what someone says, even with titles. However, I have been listen to Joey analysis on cases for the last something years from HLN to CNN. Love it. He is always on point to me, I feel I know the legal system after hearing him speak. He is always to the point, much clarity. I appreciate an intelligent man. God bless you Joey and your family.”

Karress Y.

“Your thought process, understanding, and explanations are brilliant. It would be a good thing for this country if you positioned yourself for to accept either a SCOTUS appointment, or POTUS nomination. Best to you.”

Trulan C.

“Joey Jackson is a very positive intelligent lawyer that is able to captivate his audience attention by demonstrating a strong sense of confidence with a classy style. I must admit that I was not aware of HLN until my mother proudly informed me about Mr. Jackson. It is her greatest dream to meet you one day and I pray she will. God bless you, your beautiful wife and family.”

Deborah C.

“Joey Jackson is a class act. He is so knowledgeable and sees both sides and is not prejudice in any way. He definitely needs his own show. Not one of the lawyers on HLN can compare with him. Keep smiling Joey it is a million dollar smile!”

Mary J.

“Joey is one of the most knowledgeable, assertive and humble Attorneys I’ve ever seen in my entire life. As a black woman I feel especially proud of him as someone exemplary that my children can aspire to become one day. Keep up the good work Joey!!! You rock!!!”

Betty S.

“Simply, the best!! Most articulate, mad passionate, smartest, kind, humble & not to mentioned the MOST handsome lawyer on TV. Makes us viewers smarter.”

Nikki W.

“I love Mr. Joey Jackson’s smile. He is just a really great guy. If ever I need an attorney I hope he will come to my rescue. I’m in Texas but I’d take him in a heartbeat. Best of luck to a very nice man. Keep up the good work. Glad your on HLN. The best news ever. Especially since Joey is featured on it. I like Vinney and Mike, and Ryan guess I like all of them. Yea, I sure do!!!”

Barbara F.

“Joey is a class act, the whole package. Always wears a smile and is so witty, intelligent, well spoken and his comments are always fair and unbiased. He needs a show of his own. Maybe he could bring Beth Kara’s back too!!”

Gloria M.

“I love Mr. Jackson. He explains the law very clearly making it easy for me to understand. Thanks Joey.”

Ressia S.

“Love your intelligent and compassionate coverage of current events. I’ve been following your success on TV for years and wish you all the best!”

Jo A.

“Excellent view points, addressing all sides of an issue, presented with true professionalism!”

Tom B.

“Gives great logical, common sense analysis on the different issues. Right to the point type of layer!”

Harry N.

“Oh no doubt he is all of the above, a very pleasant & likable guy! Deff on top of his game at everything!!!”

Jacqueline E.

“I really love this man. He is super intelligent., fair, wise and is not bias. Run for office. We need more people like you. I’m a great big fan.”

Porretta J.

“I’m always impressed with Joey Jackson’s knowledge, ability to speak so that a layperson can understand, and his respectfulness. I have never heard him try to outshout another media guest. And what a great smile!”

Kim K.

“You are the best. You should be nominated for attorney of the year.”

Michael M.

“Mr. Jackson knowledge, his neutral stance and weighting both sides of the case is priceless as well as his explanation of same, seems to be fantastic lawyer.”

Larry W.

“Joey, you’re so cool. I enjoy you on CNN. I wanna be you in my next life. Prayers sent to you and yours.”

Dario G.

“A class act on CNN ! Thanks for being polite when things get heated!!!”

Beth G.

“I like the new show – good ideas – in its infancy & Im sure its going to get better & better. Can’t believe how fast you got it together!”

Taffy A.

“I think he keeps it 100%. I admire his views and look forward to his take on issues at hand.”

Cynthia A. 

“Joey Jackson is a well informed Lawyer, i had known him for some time and he is a also a wonderful person.”

Willie F.

“He ( Joey), is fair no matter what. If I’m ever in need of an attorney, Joey, is who will come to mind.”

Willie B.

“Fantastic, Scholarly and unbiased, Witty, Personable. CNN has some excellent legal analysts. Joey is my favorite.”

Dennis S.

“Class Act. His objective views and judicial temperament make him an excellent candidate for appointment to a judicial post. He’d be a great host for a TV show.”

Tom S.

“Love his point of view!!!”

Karen W.

“I just saw him on CNN go up against Mark O’Mara. He was phenomenal! He made excellent and informative points. Much respect due.”

Val T.

“He’s cut out to be one of the best! Admire his intelligence!!!”

Gloria T.

“Great job covering for Nancy tonight! You need your own show!!!”

Joanne P.

“Happy Thanksgiving! Just watched CNN. Always better when you are on.”

Lisa J.

“The new show is a little corny but I watch because you are on it. I wish you had your own show. Love Ya!!!”

Candace C.

“I worked for joey at the BLIS at SUNY B. Class guy. Thanks for being a friend joey.”

Steve W.

“The most informative intelligent direct pleasant addition to HLN news. Fabulous seriously.”

Charlotte W.

“Your Awesome Joey. I wish i was half as smart as you. Always a pleasure to watch you on CNN & HLN.”

Rick S.

“Joey is the best!”

Michelle R.

“He is so well liked and appreciated by all, has always made a great presentation.”

Ben W.

“Joey is intelligent , sincere, outrageous dresser and beautiful smile!!”

Rosalie B.

“Joey Jackson hosting HLN. He is one smart defense attorney”

Shaina S.

“You’re the Best of the Best !!!!!!!”

Christine F.

“Joey is flawless, articulate, intelligent, and a snazzy dresser! He definitely brings a whole new ENERGY to HLN and IN SESSION. #BRAVO JOEY!”

Joanne P.

“If you’re ever arrested for murder Joey Jackson is who you want on your side!”

Patty C.

“Very professional”

Carol C.

“Glad there is a USA to watch all the excitement on HLN etc.”

Liz L.

“The BEST”

Lady D.

“Agree with Mary Jo. Joey IS a class act. Love the HLN group.”

Steven S.

“Joey rocks!!!!!”

Julie P.

“Joey is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Sandy B.

“MILLION DOLLAR SMILE! Great lawyer too!”

Dee D.

“A large fan in court, just to clear the FOG!”

Pamela A.

“Joey, you’re an awesome attorney and think your insight on the arias case along with in session team has been great.”

Nancy D.

“I have admired Joey since I first saw him on CNN. He is fair with his assessments and evaluations of everything he is involved with. An extremely talented attorney, charming and intelligent. I would want him to be on my side if I ever needed a lawyer!”

Mary T.

“Such a pleasure to watch. You are a breath of fresh air. Thank you Katia for sharing your husband with us.”

Sandy H.