Queens criminal defense attorney police body cam evidenceIn response to constitutional rights violations committed by officers of the New York City Police Department, a U.S. federal court directed the NYPD to implement a body-worn camera program. As of March 2019, 20,000 uniformed patrol officers now wear body cameras. Civil rights activists have hailed body cams as a valuable tool for holding police officers accountable for their actions on the street and reducing incidents in which citizens claim the police used excessive force. The NYPD expects body cams to “encourage lawful and respectful interactions between the public and the police.”

NYPD Rules for Body Camera Recordings

NYPD regulations for body cam recordings include:

A February 2019 ruling by a New York state appeals court has ensured that the public will have access to police body cam recordings. The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association challenged the release of body cam video to the public, arguing that it would violate a New York State privacy law, NYCL CVR section 50-a, that prevents the public release of any police officer’s personnel records except by court order. The court ruled that these recordings do not constitute a personnel record and that they must be released in order to achieve the “transparency, accountability, and public trust-building” objectives of the body-worn camera program.

Effects of NYC Body Cam Video on Criminal Prosecutions

The full effects of the NYPD’s body cam program will not be known for months, if not years. One immediate effect is that both prosecuting attorneys and NYC criminal defense lawyers will be spending significantly more time studying video footage from body cameras as well as other types of surveillance cameras. Whether a lawyer represents a citizen making a claim of police brutality, a police officer accused of a civil rights violation, or a person accused of a crime, they must quickly learn how to scrutinize and interpret body cam video. 

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