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Law Firm AttorneysIn New York, dealing with the criminal justice system is usually an incredibly overwhelming proposition. If you are the target of an investigation or if you have been criminally charged with a misdemeanor or felony or if you are concerned about impending criminal charges, then it is imperative that you act in a proactive manner and expend all your efforts in order to protect your legal rights.

The experienced law firm of Watford Jackson, PLLC consisting of stalwart criminal defense attorneys Joey Jackson and Gregory J. Watford recognize what is potentially at stake for each and every client they encounter. Although criminal charges carry the potential for incarceration and a permanent criminal record, the attorneys at Watford Jackson, PLLC realize the possible consequences that a criminal investigation may have on an individual’s life. Watford Jackson, PLLC strive to utilize all of their expertise and experience to protect your livelihood, reputation and your future.

If you are faced with an arrest, trial or investigation involving any law enforcement agency then it is imperative that you take appropriate steps to protect your rights and interests. The primary step you can take in this regard is to consult with a distinguished criminal defense law firm such as Watford Jackson, PLLC. to help you set up the best possible defense leading to the most favorable outcome possible. Attorneys Joey Jackson & Gregory J. Watford are both respected and well known criminal defense lawyers who routinely handle both State and Federal cases for all the boroughs of New York applying their combined experience in the criminal justice system to all their cases.

Always remember, a criminal record adversely affects your ability to be gainfully employed, further your education or even find reasonable accommodations. That is why the distinguished attorneys at Watford Jackson, PLLC. Have dedicated themselves to representing clients in following matters:

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