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Disciplinary Charges

When an employer is seeking to penalize a tenured Civil Servant for misconduct or incompetence under Section 75 of the Civil Service Law, the employer must serve the employee with formal charges notifying them of the alleged misconduct or incompetence and allegations of fact to support the charge. If you are served with formal disciplinary charges, the attorneys at Watford Jackson have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your defense and provide you with competent representation. Our Disciplinary Charges Attorney in New York, NY will go over your case in detail and come up with a defense strategy to have the charges reduced or dismissed. Our New York Disciplinary Charges Lawyer is experienced in this area of law and will do everything possible to get you a favorable settlement.

Under Section 75 of the Civil Service Law, the tenured Civil Servant employee may challenge the allegations via a due process hearing and seek discovery of evidence, the ability to challenge the evidence and witnesses put forth by their employer, the right to call their own witnesses and the right to testify on their own behalf. Their employer bears the burden to prove the charges at the hearing. The hearing officer will determine the issues of fact, apply the relevant law to the facts and issue a formal report and recommendation that can range from a dismissal of the charges to termination. The Agencies will choose whether adopt or reject the findings and recommendations of the hearing officer.

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