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Criminal Victories

Domestic Violence

People v. Sullivan

Client was arrested for allegedly calling and threatening his ex-girlfriend over the phone. After obtaining and reviewing the telephone records of the parties involved, Mr. Watford was able to prove that the client never called the complainant as alleged. Mr. Watford was able to convince the District Attorney’s Office to dismiss all charges. In a rare turn of events, the ex-girlfriend was arrested and charged with several felony offenses after she admitted to the Assistant District Attorney assigned to the case that the fabricated the allegations.

People v. Segure

Charged in Criminal Court with violating Family Order of Protection by calling the complainant solely for the purpose of obtaining work uniforms. Mr. Watford obtained and produced various court records demonstrating that the client was granted access to the residence by the Family Court judge for the purpose of retrieving his property on three (3) occasions prior to his arrest. Upon presenting the documents to the District Attorneys Office they agreed to dismiss the charges.

People v. M. Jackson

Client charged with assaulting his brother in law who was upset over client’s prior domestic violence incidents with complainant’s sister. The arresting officers and DA office refused to believe that client was defending himself after being ambushed by the complainant. Mr. Watford visited the crime scene with the client and obtained video surveillance recordings which proved that unbeknownst to the client, the complainant was lying in wait and initiated the fight. After submitting the video to the prosecutor all charges were dismissed.

Weapons Possession

People v. T. Williams

Client, an Air Force Veteran who resided in Virginia, was charged with illegally possessing five (5) firearms in NYC and was believed to be a firearms trafficker from Virginia. The District Attorney’s Office was originally seeking ten (10) years prison. Mr. Watford was able to demonstrate that all of the firearms were legally purchased by the client while he was an active member of the service. Mr. Watford filed a motion to dismiss all weapons charges which required mandatory prison time in the interest of justice due to the unique circumstances related to the client transporting the weapons with him during his visit to NYC. The judge granted the motion and dismissed all felony weapons charges.

People v. Dunkley

Drugs and weapons charges dismissed against client after it was demonstrated that the arresting officers illegally entered the home of the client and conducted a search of the residence which resulted in the recovery of the items. The officers were seeking to arrest the client’s boyfriend on a traffic violation warrant. Prior to the case being presented to the Grand Jury, Mr. Watford was able to convince the prosecutor that the outstanding warrant needed to be a felony warrant in order to permit the police to forcibly enter the residence of a third party and that there were no exigent circumstances that justified the entry or search of the premises.

People v. P. Byas

Felony gun possession charges dismissed on speedy trial grounds where during prosecution of the case, it was discovered that the arresting detective’s credibility was questionable. The gun was recovered in a car with 4 occupants and never processed for fingerprints or DNA evidence. During the prosecution, it was also discovered that the arresting detective had several lawsuits and allegations filed against him for false arrest and fabricating evidence. Consequently, the DA never produced the arresting detective to testify at the pre-trial suppression hearing which ultimately violated the client’s right to a speedy trial.

People v. G. Williams

A NYC Correction Officer was charged with misdemeanor weapons possession for allegedly shooting a BB which shattered the window of the complainant’s car. At the suppression hearing, Mr. Watford was able to demonstrate that the arresting officer’s search of the client’s car was illegal. The police admitted during the hearing that they searched the client’s vehicle minutes prior to the complainant arriving at the scene and identifying him as the perpetrator. The judge suppressed the BB gun and the all charges were dismissed.

People v. C. Williams

Client was charged with felony gun possession and facing a potential mandatory prison sentence of 16 years to life. At the suppression hearing, Mr. Watford was able to demonstrate that the arresting officers illegally seized the client without reasonable suspicion when the officer grabbed the client who refused to allow the police to enter the house after he answered the door. The officers subsequently kicked in the door and illegally pursued the client who allegedly threw an unidentifiable object which the police said was a firearm. After the hearing, the judge reviewed the memorandum of law submitted by Mr. Watford and granted the suppression motion.

Sex Crimes

People v. Cosme
People v. E. Drummond

Client charged with forcible rape by an ex-girlfriend. Mr. Watford was hired after the client pleads guilty to a felony and before he was sentenced to probation. Mr. Watford successfully argued to have plea vacated due to the fact that client was not advised that he would be deported based upon his guilty plea. Thereafter, Mr. Watford filed a motion to dismiss all charges for violating the client’s right to a speedy trial which was granted after the complainant repeatedly failed to appear for trial.


People v. Carroll

Client arrested for DWI. At the pre-trial hearing, Mr. Watford demonstrated that client drove to precinct in order to have the police assist him in removing his intoxicated female companion from his car who refused several requests by client to exit. Mr. Watford played the videotape from the precinct which demonstrated that the client was not intoxicated and that the arresting officers violated his rights by refusing to honor the client’s request to call his attorney and that client did not refuse to take the breathalyzer. At the conclusion of the hearing, Mr. Watford was able to convince the judge to persuade the District Attorney’s Office to dismiss the case via ACD despite the client having a case of unopened 40 ounce bottles of beer in his trunk.

People v. Montalvo

NYC Correction Officer was charged with DWI and allegedly menaced the complainant with his firearm. Mr. Watford was able to get the misdemeanor criminal complaint dismissed for a violation of the client’s right to a speedy trial under NYS law. When the District Attorney tried to proceed forward with the remaining traffic infraction of Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol, Mr. Watford pointed out to the judge that the remaining traffic infraction was defective under the NYS Criminal Crimnal Procedure Law. The judge dismissed the remaining charge.

People v. Jeffries

Acquitted by a Manhattan Supreme Court jury of DWI despite blowing a .18 on the breathalyzer and police testimony regarding alleged intoxication.

People v. Santana

Acquitted by a Bronx Criminal Court jury of DWI despite being involved in a collision and having the police and eye witness attest to his alleged intoxication.

Technical Dismissals

People v. Paterson

Client charged with Attempted Gang Assault in the First Degree. Four months later, during an adjournment period, the District Attorney attempted to reduce the charges off calendar to misdemeanor assault and other related charges. At the appropriate time, Mr. successfully filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds that the client’s speedy trial rights were violated when the District Attorney’s office failed to comply with Criminal Procedure Law when they did not follow the proper procedure for reducing a felony to a misdemeanor off calendar.

Trial Victories

People v. Weathers

Client found not guilty after trial of domestic assault. Mr. Watford was able to prove that the client was justified using force to prevent his ex-wife from forcibly entering his house without permission or authority from the client.

People v. Torricella

U.S. Park Police officer charged with weapons possession and menacing for allegedly displaying and threatening to harm his problematic teenage son. Found not guilty after trial.

People v. China

Acquitted by a Queens Supreme Court jury of Attempted Murder despite the victim’s DNA recovered on his knife, and numerous witnesses asserting he was responsible.

People v. Stephens

Acquitted by the Court of Stalking and Aggravated Harassment despite a detailed email trail to the alleged victim.

People v. Sanata

Trial Order of Dismissal where client accused of filing a false report with the police.

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