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Following are several DWI cases which were successfully handled by Watford Jackson, PLLC.

People v. J.J.

Client was charged with killing an elderly woman in an early morning car crash-- while driving drunk. She was killed upon impact after being struck by his truck. When the police responded, they noticed that my client had the odor of alcohol on his breath, slurred speech, and watery and blood shot eyes. He was also observed to be unsteady on his feet after being asked to exit his vehicle. Accordingly, he was arrested and prosecuted for Vehicular Manslaughter. Mr. Jackson was able to successfully argue that his client was not the cause of the accident. As such, the focus was placed upon the weather, the road conditions, the dangerous nature of the area where the accident occurred, and the manner in which the woman was driving her car. Additionally, Mr. Jackson was able to provide the jury with alternative explanations as to his client’s alleged visual signs of purported impairment and intoxication. At that hour of the morning, it would not be unusual for a person's eyes to be red and watery, especially if he didn’t get a good night sleep. Further, a person can, and may in fact, have an odor of alcohol on their breath -- without actually being drunk. And as to his lack of balance, the impact of the crash would certainly lead to disorientation. Following a multi- week trial, the jury returned a Not Guilty verdict, completing clearing the client of Vehicular Manslaughter.

People v. LS

Defendant was charged With Driving While Ability Impaired by Drugs in Suffolk County, after crashing into a fence on his way home from a party. When the police arrived, the Defendant was fast asleep in his car. Police smelled marijuana and asked him if he was smoking— which the Defendant admitted. He then gave a urine sample, which revealed that he had five (5) different drugs in his system. The Prosecutor refused to reduce the charges, arguing that he could have killed someone or himself. They pressed the Judge to hold him accountable, and not reward him for being lucky enough to not to have killed himself nor anyone else. Nonetheless, since rehabilitation is a central tenet in the law, Mr. Jackson was able to persuade the Prosecutor to dismiss these serious charges. He did so by arguing that his client should be permitted to enter drug treatment to cure his addiction, perform community service, and check back with the Court to ensure he met his obligations.

People v. MB

Client was charged with Aggravated DWI on two separate occasions which occurred 4 months apart in the same upstate county but in two different towns. In both cases, the client's Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) was .32 - which is four times the legal limit of .08. Mr. Watford drafted and submitted a mitigation package to both courts which provided a detailed history regarding the client's stable background, his continued voluntary participation in alcohol treatment and documented mental health issues which caused his alcohol dependency. The District Attorney's Office was seeking jail time. Mr. Watford was able to obtain a package plea bargain deal where he convinced the judges in both cases to sentence the client to a non-jail disposition (probation) which permitted the client to continue receiving outpatient alcohol and mental health treatment.

People v. Carroll

Client arrested for DWI. At the pre-trial hearing, Mr. Watford demonstrated that his client drove to the precinct in order to have the police assist him in removing his intoxicated female companion from his car who refused several requests by client to exit. Mr. Watford played the videotape from the precinct which demonstrated that the client was not intoxicated and that the arresting officers violated his rights by refusing to honor the client's request to call his attorney and that client did not refuse to take the breathalyzer. At the conclusion of the hearing, Mr. Watford was able to convince the judge to persuade the District Attorney's Office to dismiss the case via ACD despite the client having a case of unopened 40-ounce bottles of beer in his trunk.

People v. Montalvo

NYC Correction Officer was charged with DWI and allegedly menaced the complainant with his firearm. Mr. Watford was able to get the misdemeanor criminal complaint dismissed for a violation of the client's right to a speedy trial under NYS law. When the District Attorney tried to proceed forward with the remaining traffic infraction of Driving While Ability Impaired by Alcohol, Mr. Watford pointed out to the judge that the remaining traffic infraction was defective under the NYS Criminal Procedure Law. The judge dismissed the remaining charge.

People v. Jeffries

Acquitted by a Manhattan Supreme Court jury of DWI despite blowing a .18 on the breathalyzer and police testimony regarding alleged intoxication.

People v. Santana

Acquitted by a Bronx Criminal Court jury of DWI despite being involved in a collision and having the police and eyewitness attest to his alleged intoxication.

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